Autor Wątek: Assistance/Help for University students in Copenhagen area  (Przeczytany 73 razy)

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Are you concerned with the outcome of your projects/assignments in the filed of: Business, Marketing, HR, Economics/Finance, or related topics in English?

Assistance/Supervision and guidelines offered for the University students in the Copenhagen area.
About me: I’ve worked as a Management & Marketing lecturer at Niels Brock International and Copenhagen Business School (CBS) for about 7 years and have guided and supervised many projects including Bachelors and Masters projects/dissertations. I know what teachers/lecturers are looking for.

Fees are subject to negotiations, depends on the case/work that needs to be exercised, however, an hourly fee would approximately be around 150kr/hr.

Should you be interested, please contact me via email: eurodragon1@gmail.com
This only applies to academic work in English (not Danish). I do  speak Polish, although here, it does not have a relevance.

Good day!/Pozdrawiam,
Please don’t expect me to write projects for you, this is not what this is all about.